John Tinger



Chris Silber German/American screenwriter

"To me, the beauty of John Tinger's music lies in its visual depth, the wisdom of its texture. Each piece is a world in its own right, evoking wide open spaces, enchanted gardens, eternal waters, from which emerges the brilliant, urging voice of a seasoned storyteller. John has become an inspiration to my work as a filmmaker." bio: chris silber "Christoph Silber is a German-American screenwriter and filmmaker with more than 20 feature film and TV credits to his name, including multiple award-winning films such as 'Goodbye Lenin', 'North Face' and 'Arranged'. He divides his time between New York and the Tennessee Valley." Best Chris

Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews

Finger-style guitarist who inspired John Tinger  include Alex Degrassi and Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, Francisco Tarrega and Ed Gerhard. The guitar music of John Tinger has quite a few similarities to these virtuoso acoustic guitarists, who had a major role in expanding and creating more experimental and soulful guitar music. The guitar music of John Tinger, comes straight from his heart, it seems like he is painting soundscapes on a musical painted canvas. The moods are as well soulful, intimate as touching ones inner force. John Tinger plays just as his great inspirers in altered tunings to have a wider palette of musical possibilities to create several different moods. You just can't pick out a song to discuss as it are all imaginary painted roads coming from his heart. The CD has 13 cuts and all are played with fantastic skills on his steel-string guitar. A wonderful album to calm ones mind and get out of this stressful life.

Mut Asheru (Unsigned The Magazine)

John Tinger has gone from a rock musician to an acoustic ambient mood enhancer. His album "Everything Coincidental" is soothing and quietly stimulating. The tendency with most ambient acoustical efforts is to become dull thorough fare that doesn't audibly enhance and is easily forgettable. Here Tinger sets himself apart from the pack. Only 5 tracks in and I feel ready to conquer the world (or at least myself).

I found myself picking up the CD and looking at the tracklisting so that I could make sure I knew which track I was listening to. I also actually took the time to add those illustrious stars to his track rating in iTunes. It also become one of those discs that friends and family bet not touch or ask to borrow. ell naw…this sweet, soul edifying album is mine. The only thing I don't like about the album is the pre-historic looking fish on the album artwork. It scares me. But seriously, if you want to connect with your center "Everything Conicidental" is an excellent place to start."

Kate Westerland - Indie Music Reviewer

John Tinger would tell you that he is an acoustic, sell-out, jam band. He is truly modest. John is a finger-style guitarist, musician, and song writer with an ambient, jazz, and acoustic sound capable of lulling the beast in all of us with his atmospheric tranquility. John is from Long Island, NY and is currently living in Alabama.

During his college years John was playing experimental rock and heavy metal while simultaneously studying classical guitar. His passion and focus at that time revolved around heavy thrash and death metal. After college, John explains that he lost touch with the music industry and decided to break away for while, nine years to be exact. During that time John’s focus on personal growth gave him time to explore other methods of artistic expression; this exploration brought his music career back into perspective.

John was drawn to the commanding influence that came from such finger-style composers like Alex Degrassi, Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Ed Gerhard, Eric Tingstad, Billy McLaughlin, Will Ackerman, Chet Atkins, and Daniel Hecht. John says that these musicians “spoke to me in ways that other guitar virtuosos had not.” In response to this experience John is now focusing on the acoustic medium exclusively. “When I took my hiatus for nine years, I didn’t realize ‘til the time I started playing again, doing just acoustic, that really didn’t give me a hiatus. The life experience and the wisdom I gained gave me the soul and feeling to put into my music!”

Thankfully, John Tinger’s journey is being played out for us in his albums Everything Coincidental, which includes 13 tracks (released May 2010), and his more recent album My Sincerest Gratitude with 11 tracks (released July, 2010). As with his first release, My Sincerest Gratitude is a completely instrumental LP. You will experience the story as it plays out before you beginning with “Billy’s Song,” the first song on this album, which sets the stage with its captivating sound and heartfelt meaning to John. He says that this is probably his favorite song on the album. He asked me if I picked up on anything familiar about this song, and the answer is most definitely. You can hear a bit of a Pink Floyd influence in the middle as John is a fan of David Gilmour. WaterSoul like the title, is a tranquil yet exciting composition of John’s finger picking style. If you are familiar with finger picking, you may even draw a bit of Craig Sinclair.

You’ll feel the trickle of a cool stream over your mind as it washes away your stress, setting the theme of the album. This album may very well inspire creativity, reflection, and restore peace back to your soul. Let John demonstrate this to you while you sit back, close your eyes and feel your stress just melt away. John Tingeroffers us this amazing, mind altering music, lifting us into a (legal) altered state of consciousness. By the way, this is why massage therapists use John’s music in their work!

Today with his deeply rooted passion in his music and in his faith, John has given us this amazing ambient, instrumental music. You’ll wish you had John Tinger’s music looping on your iPod last night while you were lying restless in your bed wishing for something more than that old fashion remedy of chamomile tea that Grandma always recommends. Sorry Grandma