John Tinger



I'm now enrolling students in Hampton cove/Owens Crossroads area at Reel Life Performing Arts behind chick filet! I teach beginner to Advanced in all styles. I am also offering a group class focusing on one's self discovery and identity with music.

If there are any intermediate level guitarists who are having difficulties getting to the next level ,who are experiencing blocks with their technical skills and a thorough understanding of the neck of the guitar, I can help you overcome those difficulties ! I can facilitate a better understanding of who you are as a player and help you to be more comfortable with your abilities! If your Technique needs Improvement as well as additional theoretical understanding I can help with those areas.

Importance Of Learning Proper Technique As a Beginner

Lesson On The Importance of Learning Good Technique and A Proper Understanding of Neck positions And Muscle Memory

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Arpeggio Lesson One (Right Hand Technique)

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